Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MASSACRE of JEWS in Lemberg (Ukraine), present-day LVOV, Ukraine.

the San Francisco Chronicle (CA) dated Nov 30, 1918.

Prominent front page heading and report of a MASSACRE of JEWS in Lemberg (Ukraine), present-day LVOV, Ukraine.

The Lwów pogrom (also called the Lemberg pogrom) of the Jewish population of Lwów (now Lviv) took place on November 21–23, 1918 during the Polish-Ukrainian War. In the course of the three days of unrest in the city, an estimated 52-150 Jewish residents were murdered and hundreds injured, with widespread looting carried out by Polish soldiers, lawless civilians, and local criminals. 270 more Ukrainian Christians were killed during this time as well." The Poles did not stop the pogrom until two days after it began. Over a thousand people, including some soldiers, were arrested by Polish authorities during and after the pogrom.

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